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We Employ ASE Certified Technicians
We choose to employ ASE certified technicians and continually train in the newest technologies on the latest tools available, so that we can bring you excellent technicians with the right tools for each job.
Our Founder:


Stephen Clark was raised in a family that was deeply involved in the community through the small businesses they owned and operated. From a young age this instilled strong values in him.  Honesty, integrity, and the value of a hard day’s work. Entering the automotive industry at age 18, he was always motivated to do what was right for the customer and to serve them them to the best of his ability.

We work daily to continue these traditional values, with all of our employees.


25 years later Stephen’s reputation precedes him, with 22 ASE certifications, three master technician certifications—in automotive, medium and heavy truck, and collision and refinishing—and two advanced level diagnostic specialist certifications—automotive and diesel. In 2012 Stephen was awarded the highest honor attainable in the automotive repair industry, “World Class Technician” Stephen was recognized as one of the best--out of the millions of technicians in the United States, only a handful have achieved this level of excellence, precisely 1833. His name is inscribed in the national registry at the automotive hall of fame in Dearborn, MI. 


After working as lead technician at one of the largest fleet repair companies serving the South Central U.S. and starting some of the largest mobile repair groups in the region, Stephen saw an opportunity to make a difference for fleets in the Houston, Interstate 10-35-45 corridors and started CVRS with one truck. Now 6 years later and 10 trucks stronger, we still serve these important areas of the South Central U. S.




  • World Class Technician

  • Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technician

    • Automotive Service Excellence A.S.E.

  • Master Automotive Technician

    • Automotive Service Excellence A.S.E

  • Master Collision and Refinishing Technician

    • Automotive Service Excellence A.S.E.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Specialist - Automotive

    • Automotive Service Excellence A.S.E.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Specialist - Diesel

    • Automotive Service Excellence A.S.E.




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